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09.07.2016 - 20:00

With the last day of the comp over unfotunately we had no one in the goal but we still had the winners:

In 3-rd place  we had the only woman in the race and the youngest solo competitor - Boryana Chtirkova

In 2-nd place - newby rookie - Boyan Stoyanov who went trough a pair of shoes on a daily basis.

And in 1-st place one of last years entries  -  Radoslaw Orlowski who kept his lead from day one

Rila and Pirin mountains proved to be quite a challenge despite the fairly small task , however all the competitors pushed their limits and did their best.
Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see everyone next year for a new adventure!

08.07.2016 - 18:00

The race is over! After attempting to have a flight to the last TP, Radoslaw decided to call it as well due to the logistigcally difficult terrain ahead and tricky section. Never the less he still finnishes as the leader of the race!
All the competitors are coming back to Sopot for a rest and price giving ceremony tommorrow!

07.07.2016 - 22:00

Radoslaw had a slow hike to a better position for tommorws no-wind day which might allow him to make it to the goal just in time for the official end of the race. He's still about to pass troug one of the haredst parts on the course line - Pirins Vihren peak.

07.07.2016 - 12:00

Boyan Stoyanov has also decided to leave the race which leaves only Radoslaw Orlowski in the race. Now we just have to see if Radoslaw has what it takes to make it to the goal. Since Radoslaw has no competition anymore he has decided to have a break for the day due to the strong NW winds and have a go at the goal point tommorrow.

06.07.2016 - 22:30

Again an interesting day with tricky conditions. Low cloudbase limits the usable flying height for the competitors which makes the advancement slow. Radoslaw and Boyan made it to TP1 and headed to TP2 which is the lowest and easyest point on the course. Boryana has decided to switch to tourist mode for the day after a flight from Borovets.
Niki, Dimiter, Boryana and Elin have decided to leave the race which leaves only Boyan and Radoslaw in the fight for the first place. Both competitors will spend the night in the valley of Bansko before continuing towards the last TP - Orelyak Peak.
With a forecast for strong NW winds we'll be looking eighter at a completely non-flyable day or at a very quick end for the race considering the last leg could be downwind.

05.07.2016 - 20:30

Interesting day with tricky conditions due to the low cloudbase. Boyan Stoyanov made 3 flights using the low cloudbase to jump between gorges. Radoslaw Orlowski combined low flying with hiking to reach TP 1 just before the day deadline. Elin Hristov and Boryana Chtirkova made it to Borovets choosing the higher mountains for downwind flying the next days, Elin however is switching to tourist mode as well. That leaves just 3 people fighting for the top place.


For now we have Radoslaw in the lead at TP1, Boyan - 2-nd close behind and Boryana 3-rd with an interesting tactical descision.

05.07.2016 - 12:00

After a good night sleep Nikolay Yotov and Dimiter Nedialkov decided to switch to tourist mode - they will continue on the course with the support help for fun, but will not be scored!
Radoslaw Orlowski is in the lead with Boyan and Elin behind. Let's see if they will make it to TP1.

04.07.2016 - 22:30


     Despite the low cloudbase and moderate NW winds the day prooved flyable for almost all the competitors. Nikolai Yotov and his son Orlin along with Dimiter Nedialkov did a nice hike near Maliovica peak and with a nice glide and a tricky landing managed to catch up with Elin Hristov and Boryana Chtirkova. Elin, Niki and Dimiter however landed lower down the mountain and Boryana made the strategical move to land higher up giving her the uper hand for tommorows start.


Radoslaw Orlowski surprised everyone with a downwind glide from start straight in the heart of the Rila mountains - a bold move or a mistake - we're about to find out.
    Currently we have the novice - Boyan Stoyanov who is ahead of the main group and covered the distance mainly by walking.
    Unfortunately we're experiencing big delays in the live tracking due to the hard terrain and lack of mobile coverage.

Pictues by Dimiter Nedialkov.

04.07.2016 - 12:30

With strong NW wids we thought it's going to be a running start but it looks like that the youngest pilot in the bunch - Boryana is already flying. 
Unfortunately tracking dealys are expected due to bad mobile coverage at takeoff.

04.07.2016 - 11:00

The task is set! We're going live in 1 hour!


03.07.2016 - 11:00

A provisional task is set deep in the Rila-Pirin Mountains- 115 km - from Kalin dam - Belmeken dam - Predela gorge - Orelyak peak.

03.07.2016 - 10:00

Due to forecasted thunderstorms for the first day the official start will be delayed with one day - start day will be 04.07. Today is Task setting time - stay tuned for more info!

Waypoints can be downloaded HERE

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