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News & Rezults

Czech Open was a sucessful competition, which fairly ranked pilots in tricky Balkan conditions (hurry slowly!). David Ohlidal and Renata Kuhnova are the Czech champions for 2011.
Again the sport proved to work for the peace between the nations and also sparked new friendships and relations.
Final results:
Open class, Serial, Standard, Female, Tandem

Competition safety:
There were 4 accidents:
1. Jayoti Thakur stalled his glider (Axis/Mercury) in soft weather conditions and felt in the forest on steep slope between trees and was difficult to be found for a while. Because of the difficult terrain and steep slope it took the mountain rescue 3 hours to transport him down. Then he was transported to the university surgery hospital St.George in Plovdiv where he had a successful surgery and now has new titanium implants to support his broken L1 vertebrae. A quick recovery is expected. It is good that the pilot had an adequate insurance (Bupa) which paid for the expensive surgery and titanium implants (total about 5000 euro), otherwise a collection of money could delay even an emergency operation (Bulgarian hospital reality).
The reason for the accident is a pilot mistake and lack of experience. Jayoti moved recently from forgiving EN D glider to open class glider and did not follow the advices for more careful work with the brakes.
2. Olga Bryakotnina had a collapse with immediate cravat and didn't manage to stop the resulting rotation. Just after throwing her rescue, she hit the ground with high speed but probably the impact was with favorable angle and she hit (and broke) a small tree, because the witnesses thought that otherwise she would have survived such a crash. 6 pilots landed near Olga and gave important information about her condition and location. Later they also helped to direct the helicopter for landing and helped the mountain rescue team to carry her. Again, because Olga had an adequate insurance, and because of the prompt info from the pilots who landed near her, it was possible to send helicopter to transport her to the hospital. Probably for the first time in mountain rescue operations, it was possible to activate a helicopter without waiting for the mountain rescue team to reach the victim and decide for helicopter. Olga fell high in the mountain so it would have taken 3-4 hours of hiking until the mountain rescue would climb to her.
The government helicopter was not equipped for rescue purposes and did not have a whinch; that's why it took some time to find a good landing place (100x100m) and transport Olga to it. Later in Pirogov hopsital in Sofia it was found that she had 4 broken ribs and light damage of the plevra (the lung wall). The helicopter transportation was important because otherwise it would have taken 7-8 hours to transport her at night through steep and tough mountain terrain with high risk of damage to the lungs or ribs arterias and loss of blood due to the broken ribs.
The reason for the accident was probably a combination of insufficient experience in flying open class glider (Axis/Mercury) and the turbulent and stable weather which required flying close to the terrain.
3. Johan Wuyts (Swing/Astral6) was flying in the lee of a sharp mountain spine east of take off and had a collapse and 40% cravat. He stalled his glider for a while and then got into fast rotation. Quick rescue deployment with some chance of getting deflated by the rotating glider. The pilot landed softly in the forest but had to wait for the mountain rescue to bring climbing equipment because he was 10 meters above the ground.
The reason for the accident was probably lack of mountain flying experience and insufficient glider control.
4. Vitalyi Miroshnik (Swing/Stratus8) had a collapse and cravat over the flatlands and had to throw his rescue. He landed safe.
The reason of the accident was probably incufficient flying experience and glider control.

- There were about 50 open class gliders out of 144 participants. Most of the accidents happened with open class gliders, flown by inexperienced pilots.
- The 2 line gliders did not show to be more unstable in turbulence than other open class gliders.
- Task setting for pilots with broad range of skills is more risky and demanding. The high number of participants (144+) did not cause take off window problems but might be a reason for "follow the others" sheep effect (pilots go into dangerous places or exceed their limits). The high reputation of the competition and the attractive prizes can make pilots push their limits excessively. - Radio head sets should be forbidden as every day there was someone blocking the emergency frequency. Exception can be the safety commitee which should have more members to report regularly about the flying conditions.
- Free flyers should be limited and there should be plenty of dedicated wind dummies instead.
- The meet director, who can stop the task if found to be dangerous, should know the micrometeorology very well and should fly himself without competing (or organizing 10 other things :)

12.08.2011 - Task 4 - the last competition day
Fresh post cold front conditions were expected with moderate NNE winds so the organizers set an ambitious task of 107 km: Sopot-Vasil Levski-Anevo-Domlyan dam-Bogdan-Domlyan dam again and landing in Marino pole. The first two legs along the mountain were relatevely easy but then came the surprise: - the flatlands were not working properly due to the last two days of rain and the north wind was not strong enough to create convergences in the flat lands. Additionaly the pilots were puzzled how to make Domlyan-Bogdan-Domlyan legs: flying straight, using Sredna gora or Stara Planina mountain ranges?
Still Renata Kuhnova and Michal Sneiberg made the goal 5 minutes before the closing of the task windows at 19:00!!!
According to the local regulations there were 4 valid tasks, so at the evening there was price giving and final glide party at Chichovtsi restaurant with DJ Yassen.
Task 4

11.08.2011 - After party
The cold front seemed thicker than expected so there was relaxing rain in the morning and beautiful but windy sky in the afternoon.

10.08.2011 - Lets party in the rain
The day was cancelled due to the expected cold front. Some pilots went free flying, hiking or resting ..
In the evening there was a delicious traditional lamb meal followed by a concert of Django Ze. Those who didn't come should be sorry for missing the rising of a new music style - gypsydelic. Imagine the energy of gypsy music resonanced with Jimmy and Doors, flavoured with rich timeless folkore harmony rhythms and magnetic improvisation. No wonder why many dance in trance where rain and wind does not exist. Absolute glory of spirit and soul, where everything is possible and nothing else matters. Maybe the dancing para shamans were not the reason for the end of the rain, but it was the vital stress relieve from flying and competition concentration. The ability to focus and switch on is as important as the ability to switch off and reset. Lift and sink. Rain and dry. Day and night. Summer and winter. Life and death. Freedom and love.

No need to mention the dirty naked dances at 3 in the night.

.. and meanwhile the innocent Renata became 26

09.08.2011 - Task 3
The difference today compared to yesterday was that the higher winds above were from SW instead of NW (probably the sinking N wind was stabylizing aditionally the airmass on the south side of the mountain yesterday). The wind of the top of the mountain - Botev was also weaker - 4 m/s N. The increased humidity melted the inversions from yesterday and created juicy cumulus clouds above the mountains. Still their bases were not flat and for a long time there weren't usable thermals. At 2:30 pm the Meet Director was about to cancel the day when one competitor took off as a wind dummy and showed the start of the conditions. Probably the sun heating at the peak of the day melted the inversion from bellow and connected it to the instable layer around the cloud level.. ..and then it become easy, nice and fast.
Due to the late start, short task was set: Sopot-Vasil levski-Karlovo-Vasil Levski-Moskovets airfield. About 80 pilots made the goal where 40 l of beer waited them. Those who flew faster had it colder!
Marc Wensauer won again.
Task 3 provisional results
Overal open results after Task 3
Overal serial class results after Task 3
Overal standard class results after Task 3
Overal female class results after Task 3
Overal team class results after Task 3
Overal tandem class results after Task 3

08.08.2011 - Task 2
The sky was more blue than yesterday, but later it turned out that the airmass is just getting older. 80 km task along the mountain was set: Sopot-Vasil Levski-Karnare-Vasil Levski-Dabene-Sopot. Before the start the conditions were turbulent and later it became smoother but weaker. The Karnare turnpoint was with 2 km radius but it still required exiting the mountain and going into the not working flatlands. Still 13 pilots (mostly with serail class gliders) made the goal and first is Marc Wensauer (Ozone/R11).
The russian pilot Olga Bryakotnina had a collapse with cravat and felt high in the mountain. Several pilots landed next to her and just before sunset a rescue helicopter came to take her to Pirogov emergency hospital in Sofia (3 broken ribs). Pavel Kulikov had to stay in a mountain challet for the night because it was too dark to walk the long way down from the mountain.
Task 2 provisional results
Overal provisional results

07.08.2011 - Task 1
The day started with many but low cumuluses and forceast for light NE winds. 80 km triangle task was set: Sopot-Pavel Banya crossroad-Banya airfield-Sopot. Unfortunately the expected improvement of conditions and lifting of cloudbase didn't happen and the hidden inversion around take off level made flying difficult. Still 5 pilots proved that the task is possible and Michal Vrabenec (Axis/Venus 3) became first.
The indian pilot Jayoti Thakur stalled his glider and fall on the forest slope west of Sopot take off: broken vertebrae (L1) but good condition and full movements.
Task 1 provisional results

06.08.2011 - Registration
After the night rain and the price giving of Skynomad Open, the weather became nice and many pilots flew the area. 144 pilots registered for Czech Open and this makes it the biggest competition in Sopot ever.

  The world championship in Piedrahita, Spain was closed due to two fatalities with pilots flying 2 liner prototypes. CIVL Bureau temporary forbid the participation of Competition class paragliders in Category 1 events and strongly advices the organizers of Category 2 events (such as Czech Open) to consider wether the Competition Class paragliders will be allowed to fly.
  After advising with Czech NAC, the event organizer - the meet director - Nikolay Yotov have decided to allow the participation of competition class paragliders in Czech Open:
There were no problems with the 2 liners competing in Bulgaria Open which we organized in May 2011. There will be extra care of task setting and competition safety. We also believe that pilot is a pilot when he decides himself how much risk he can take.

No more registrations! No more payments! List of pilots is full!

93 pilots paid so far. 37 places left!

18.05.2011: Dear pilots,
there are more than 120 registered pilots! So it's time to pay the entry fee for Czech Gradient Open competition. The maximum number of participants is 130 and will be selected according to the date of payment. So please pay earlier to secure your place in the competition!

The entry fee is 110 euro!

Czech pilots can pay to:
Renata Kuhnova:
IBAN: CZ3868000000003200834054

Foreign pilots can pay to:
Renata Kuhnova:
Adress: Na Paknráci 129, Praha 4, 140 00, Czech Republic
ICO: 25083325 (identification bussines code)
EURO BANK ACCOUNT: 1200156661/6800
IBAN: CZ9868000000001200156661

The names of pilots who paid the entry fee will be in bold letters in the pilots registration list!

Registered pilots

  1. Pavel Iker Chehia Advance Advance/Omega 8 2122
  2. Mark Eckhard Norway THPK Gin/BoomerangGTO 3
  3. Esa Alaraudanjoki Finland Southern Finland PG Club UP/Edge 32
  4. Ramiz Aliev Ukraine Swing/Mistral5 45
  5. Vitaliy Miroshnik Russia Tornado Swing/Stratus8 44
  6. Ioannis Ioannou Greece cloudbase.gr/AIOLOS Niviuk/Icepeak 111
  7. Mihal Gierlach Poland UFO Team UP/Edge XR 44
  8. Atanasios Orfanidis Greece cloudbase.gr/AIOLOS Gin/BoomerangGTO
  9. Sarig Istvan Romania Turbulencia Gradient/Avaxsr8 62
  10. Pall Rancz Romania Turbulencia,Gradient Gradient/Golden3
  11. László Galambos Hungary Ozone
  12. Renata Kuhnova Chehia Axis Axis/Mercury 96
  13. Ondrej Krupa Chehia Axis Axis/Mercury 476
  14. Bela Kovacs Hungary SIRESZ ?? 690
  15. Denis Ivanov Russia Gradient/Aspen3 115
  16. Stano Vojtek Slovakia V-K- interier studio Niviuk/icepea3 1128
  17. Viacheslav Sapronenko Russia Aeros/Style2 177
  18. Michal Brauner Chehia Advance Advance/Sigma8 123
  19. Oleg Pansyanov Russia swing/astral6 227
  20. Robert Scholaster Chehia hudy - herbadent team Advance/Omega8 65
  21. Vijay Soni India Axis/Mercury09 228
  22. Zoltan Penzes Hungary Ultramedia Kft. UP/Summit3
  23. Olga Bryakotnina Russia Ozone/Mantra 127
  24. Gyula Horák Hungary BSE UP/Trango3 23
  25. Vadim Byelkin Ukraine DIMA Ozone/Mantra 246
  26. Charles Swart South Africa Cloudbusters Gradient/AvaxXC3 1308
  27. Konstantin Tork Russia Ozone/Mantra
  28. Kostiantyn Goncharenko Ukraine Cyclone Gin/BoomerangGTO 1275
  29. Bogdan Bazyuk Ukraine Gradient Gradient/AvaxXC3 103
  30. Radek Vecera Chehia Gradient Gradient
  31. Espen Johan Norway Gin/Rebel
  32. Vaclav Hlosek Chehia FLY4YOU.cz Swing/Astral 22
  33. Maros Kravec Slovakia Sky Paragliders, www.glideflybb.com Sky Paragliders Ares 2
  34. Vitaly Ermakov Russia Gradient/AvaxSR7
  35. Makato Nakai Japan LOKO GIN/Booerang7 111
  36. Chrissi Drunk South Africa Stefanutti/Gerbera Ozone/Delta 141
  37. Athanasios Bakouras Greece Aiolos Drama Axis/Venus
  38. Matt Senior New Zealand Frontiers Paragliding Ozone/10.2 420
  39. Petr Kostrhun Chehia Gradient Fincentrum Gradient/AvaxXC3 209
  40. Mikhail Ivanov Russia www.planer.land.ru Axis/VegaIII 11
  41. Emil Podlaski Poland CREO Nova/Triton 617
  42. Rene Bormann Germany talkyoo.net Ozone/R10.2 666
  43. David Ohlidal Chehia Axis Axis
  44. Che Golus Australia Ozone
  45. Sarig Attila Romania Tusnad Gradient/AvaxXC2 209
  46. Petra Slivova Chehia Gin / Merrell Gin/Boomerang 8 72
  47. Igor Shatalov Ukraine Gin Gliders Ukraine Gin/BooerangGTO 177
  48. Vasyl Lipskyi Ukraine Gin Gliders Ukraine Gin/Boomerang
  49. Igor Stoykov Ukraine Gin Gliders Ukraine Gradient/Avax XC2
  50. Andrii Chugaiev Ukraine Gin Gliders Ukraine Advance/Sigma5 420
  51. Francois Spiegel France Plein Est Vol Libre Axis/VenusIII 23
  52. Johan Wuyts Luxembourg Plein Est Swing/Astral 6 8
  53. Vladimir Baltaga Moldova Swing/Astral 5 50
  54. Mykola Solomko Ukraine SkyCountry SkyCountry/Space
  55. Irina Pronina Russia Airwave/Cobra 125
  56. Alexei Tarasov Russia paraplan.ru SkyCountry/Evolution 31
  57. Otakar Husika Chehia Axis Axis/Mercury 64
  58. Mykola Struk Ukraine SkyCountry/Space 151
  59. Sanjay Pendurkar India Indus Niviuk/Icepeak
  60. Muzzafer Dundar Turkey Galatasaray Aircross/U Sport 45
  61. Pavel Makarov Russia Ozone/Mantra 28
  62. Karina Sharipova Russia Axis/Venus2
  63. Miloslav Pokorni Chehia 22
  64. Vit Javarek Chehia Axis Axis / Venus 3 747
  65. Valery Tzvetanov Bulgaria Shambhala Gradient/Avax
  66. Michal Krysta Chehia Axis Axis/Proto
  67. Alla Dubitcaia Moldova Advance/Epsilon 5 18
  68. Cyprian Koreň Slovakia Gradient Gradient/Avax XC3 28
  69. Chris van Noord South Africa Mitek S.A. Ozone/Mantra R11 558
  70. Christo Djambov Bulgaria Axis Bulgaria Axis/Venus 23
  71. Ruslan Lenik Ukraine www.air.od.ua Advance/Sigma 6
  72. Ioannis Xiros Greece Ozone/Mantra 11 007
  73. Jaroslav Tuma Chehia LAA, Advance, Hudy, Easyfly Advance/Epsilon 6 136
  74. Adam Zemba Slovakia ADZFLYparagliding.com Ozone/Mantra R10.2 131
  75. Michal Sneiberg Chehia GOparagliding UP/Axis
  76. Katerina Pankovata Chehia Axis, Goparagliding Axis/Vega3
  77. Gurpreet Dhindsa India Nokia Axis/mercury 302
  78. Bogdan Timchenko Russia Tomsk Alco Team Niviuk/Peak 57
  79. Petr Chromec Chehia Gradient/Avax 418
  80. Konstantin Filipov Bulgaria Niviuk/Ice Peack 5 13
  81. Miroslav Stěhula Czechia FLY4YOU.cz Gradient/Avax XC3 13
  82. Alexey Sytnik Russia Paraavis/Argo
  83. Tomasz Kuczkowski Poland OSHEE Ozone/Mantra R10 766
  84. Kazua Nakamura Japan KUSATSU Swing/Stratus-core 22
  85. Arnold Pansi South Africa Karoo Open 2012 Gradient/Aspen 3 29
  86. Koji Matsui Japan Advance/Omega8
  87. Polina Korytova Russia Axis/Pluto II - 20
  88. Elena Dmitrievskaya Russia Mac Para/Magus XC
  89. Andrey Ciorici Moldova Vario Plus Gin/Tribe 43
  90. Shigeru Komiyama Japan Area Yamazaki Advance/Omega 8
  91. Jyoti Thakur India pg-gurukul Ozome/Matra M2 92
  92. Rudi Cronje South Africa LSSC Sky/Brontes 44
  93. Valeriy Andriyashin Russia EXTRIM-CLASS Aircross/U5 81
  94. Glenn Meurrens Belgium UP BELUX UP/Summit XC 22
  95. Petr Kuhn Chehia Axis/Pekeln? slevy Axis/Mercury2011 1
  96. Volodymyr Fedoruk Ukraine SkyCountry/Mystik2 255
  97. Stefan Vyparina Slovakia PERFECTFLY Ozone/Mantra R11 112
  98. Dusan Lovcicky Slovakia Axis Axis/Venus3 40
  99. Filip Buso Chehia niviuk.cz, LAA Niviuk/Peak 2
  100 Desiree Pansi South Africa Karoo Open 2012 Gradient/Aspen 3
  101. Srdjan Ristanovic Serbia Dust Devil Ozone 115
  102. Vladimir Bacanin serbia Ares Sol/Tracer TR2 320
  103. Stanislav Klikar Chehia Axispara.cz Axis/Mercury 19
  104. Dmitiy Samigullin Russia rbl-samara.ru SkyCountry/Evo 22
  105. Aleksey Vinichenko Russia Niviuk Peak 116
  106. Denis Stukalenko Russia Advance/Sigma8 30
  107. Predgrag Dudic Serbia para-golija.org.rs Ozone Mantra R10.2
  108. Roman Ivanov Russia Niviuk/Peak 110
  109. Adrian Liptai Slovakia Advance/Omega8 4444
  110. Samuel Jordan Chehia Gradient, LAA Gradient/Golden 3 927
  111. Jan Kratky Chehia Air Centrum Gradient/CX3 39
  112. Igor Misoshnikov Russia Axis/Vega2 17
  113. Depak Tulsani India Axis Vega 3
  114. Elena Shaboltas Ukraine Advance/Sigma 7 17
  115. Jana Kratka Chehia Gradient/ Air centrum Gradient/Aspen3 124
  116. Ksenia Mukhlynina Russia Ozone/Delta 5
  117. Oleksy Savelyev Ukraine Gradient 16
  118. Jukka Laakso Finland Axis/Mercury3 40
  119. Toshihiko Ujita Japan AreaYamazaki Advance/Omega8
  120. Tomasz Pietrzyk Poland CrackAirs Advance Omega 7 9999
  121. Jenda Kratky Chehia Gradient Gradient/Orbit3 313
  122 David Trunec Chehia MacPara/Envy
  123. Vladimir Zaytsev Russia Advance/Sigma 6 12
  124 Valeriy Morozov Ukraine Gin/Boomerang GTO 52
  125. Armen Sargsyan Armenia Advance/Sigma6
  126. Michal Brabenec Chehia
  127. James Greenles Bulgaria TBA/Skynomad SOL/Tracer2 228
  128. Vera Sykorova Chehia GOparagliding Axis/Pluto 2 6
  129. Frantishek Bros Chehia Axis/Venus2 12
  130. Milos Mares Chehia Wolf-gear Sol/Synergy4 69
  131. Karel Kuta Chehia Jojowing Jazz B 54
  132 Robert Kulhanek Chehia Axis Paragliding Axis/Mercury 666
  133. David Bednarik Chehia Axis/Venus2
  134 Olga Sheremetyeva Russia Axis/Vega II 27
  135. Dusan Skalik Chehia Axis/Vega3 1
  136. Lukas Kovarik Chehia www.ksvideo.cz Advance/Epsilon6
  137. Roman Klimes Chehia Axis/Comet2
  138 Sorin Samareanu Romania Ozone/Mangtra R11 5050
  139. Libor Bousa Chehia Axis/Pluto 8
  140. Vasek Konecny Chehia METROSYS, paragliding-vsb.cz Sky/Ares 2 3
  141. Lukas Novotny Chehia FLY4YOU.cz Gradient/Stream 54
  142 Miroslav Krchnak Chehia macpara.com Mac/Magus 6 37
  143. Tomas Brauner Chehia Advance hudy team Advance/Omega 40
  144 Marketa Gwuzdova Chehia Advance, Easyfly Advance/Epsilon6 87
  145. Roman Grulich Chehia Advance, HUDY sport, EasyFly Advance/Sigma6 9
  146. Dilip Kotecha India Ozone/Mantra M4 9
  147. Vladimir Tretyakov Russia Vector Ozone/Mantra10.2 41
  148 Denis Velikov Russia SAS Sol/Tork 31
  149. Yassen Savov Bulgaria GIN Gin/Boomerang
  150. Richard Bojda Chehia Axis Axis/Mercury 13
  151. Peter Hrivnak Slovakia flyzone.sk Gradient/Avax xc3
  152 Jaroslav Janduch Slovakia dzulia.sk Axis/Mercury
  153. Karel Vejchodsky Chehia AIR CENTRUM Gradient/Avax XC3 11
  154 Tatiana Lonickova Chehia Axis/Pluto
  155. Jiri Dlask Chehia goparagliding.cz Axis/Venus3
  156. Jindrich Fikar Chehia fikar.cz Axis/Sirius 777
  157. Radek Simonik Chehia Axis Axis/Venus3
  158 Tatiana Noskova Russia Tornado-Kursk Axis/Venus3
  159. Ludek Prochazka Chehia Axis Axis/Mercury 552
  160. Oleksii Shaboltas Ukraine MacPara/Eden4 998
  161. Olga Korotysheva Russia Axis/Vega2
  162 Petr Lacina Chehia Gradient/Aspen2
  163. Marc Wensauer Germany SOL & Flugschule Freiraum Sol/TR4 413
  164 Tomas Zahora Chehia Sky/Atis3
  165. Martin Petz Germany SOL/TR2 322
  166. Daria Krasnova Rusia Ozone/Mantra 10.3 306
  167. Martin Lustig Chehia Axis/Venus2
  168 Alexey Mishchenko Russia Asa/Respect 221
  169. Vladimir Yavorski Ukraine Sky Country SkyCountry/Evolution 38
  170. Miroslav Volny Chehia PAX.cz Gradient/AvaxXC3 76
  171. Robert Kaucarik Slovakia DolnyKubin.net Ozone/MantraR11 1
  172 Petar Siarov Bulgaria Gin/Boomerang 39
  173. Fedor Solovey Ukraine Gin Gliders Ukraine Gin/Boom6 25
  174 Maros Kravec Slovakia Sky Paragliders, Glideflybb.com Sky/Ares 2
  175. Serghei Florea Moldova Swing/Astral5 4
  176 Ondrej Prochazka Chehia Axis/Vega2
  177. Alexander Teslenko Russia Gin/Beetle 74
  178 Ales Trtil Chehia Axis/Venus 45
  179. Yury Golubyatnikov Russia Airea/Revolution 57
  180 Radomir Vyhlas Chehia axispara.cz Axis/Mercury
  181. Sorin Samareanu Romania Ozone/Mantra R11 5050
  182 Alexey Radzievsky Ukraine Advance/Sigma 6
  183. Lubos Kravec Slovakia Sky Paragliders, GlideFlybb.com Sky/Ares 2
  184 Sergey Ryleev Russia Skycountry/Mystic-2 10
  185. Martin Orlik Chehia axispara.cz Axis/Mercury
  186 Alexander Lekhan Russia Windtech/Tempest
  187. Pavel Kulikov Russia stal63.ru Gin/GTO 44
  188 Sergey Latyshev Russia Axispara.cz Axis/Mercury4 323
  189. Vladimir Samoshkin Russia Parashop.at Airwave/MagicFR4 95
  190 Mikhail Shepelin Russia mnogosnega.ru Advance/Omega8
  191. Libor Knechtl Chehia gradient.cx Gradient/Stream3 223
  192 Remko Bolt Holland Gin/Boomerang 7 106
  193. Roman Vaněk Chehia Gradient/Stream II 771
  194 Milos Kulik Chehia Axis/Venus 2
  195. Gunter Klaus Germany Ozone/R11
  196. Einar Bjorkaas Norway Ozone/M4
  197 Isabella Messenger Germany Axis/Venus 3
  198. Jaromir Pavlik Chehia Axis/Comet 69