SkyNomad News

June 2017

With the end of June marking the beginning of the active summer season the XC enthusiasts started rolling in - our friends from the United Kingdom and Belgium managed to do some early season XC flights despite the tricky weather at times:

Niki took our friends on trips to South Western Bulgariato explore new places and flight opportunities.

As the month flew by so did a few more "little birds".

May 2017


May provided good conditions for our new batch of wannabe eagles to start flying with the birds.

Ivo and Hristo finished 2 successfull beginners and Intermediate courses, and Niki joined in for the first BHPA EP course training for our big group at the end of the month:

Everyone finished with happy faces and a lot of new paragliding dreams.

February 2017

February proved once again that it's one of the best flying months in the very Southern hemisphere:

Ivelin Kalushkov qualified in the top 10 of the Manilla XC camp beating is personal best record making 217 km. and made a unique flight seeing the sunset and moonrise whilescoring more than 4000 m height.