You have tried a paragliding tandem flight and like it or You just like the idea of freedom and nature?

You have been dreaming of flying for years or You are just born to fly?! 

Whatever is your reason you can jump to:

Beginners course (6 days


You will begin with ground training including launching, controlling and landing a paraglider and then you will experience your first flights from a small hill. The basic theory about aerodynamics and meteorology will give you a good understanding about how a paraglider flies and on completion of the course you will be enjoying many flights from the top of the mountain.
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You are the pilot:

Intermediate course (6 days)

    Under radio supervision and covered by solid theory you will learn new flying maneuvers and basic techniques of active flying. This will improve your skills and judgment and provide you with the necessary experience for further independent and safe flying.
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Everything is under control:

Cross – Country Training (5 days)

    Throughout the course you will learn about the stages of XC planning. You will learn in more detail about thermals- their generation, shapes behavior and how to find and utilize them better.

You will learn to plan your routes for the day depending on detailed meteorological forecast. In the air our guides will take you for a cross-country flight thermal by thermal maximizing your performance with advice and showing you the way.

After flight we’ll review your performance with the latest replay software and discover your mistakes or points for improvement.

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