For Beginners:

Beginners Meteorology by Nikolay Yotov

Beginners Aerodynamics by Nikolay Yotov and Nikolay Tsarov

– Paraglider structure, materials and maintenance by Nikolay Yotov and Ivelin Kalushkov

Paragliding Takeoff (Hill) by Nikolay Yotov

About active flying:

– “Big Ears” technique in paragliding by Nikolay Yotov

Active Flying by Nikolay Yotov

Dealing with big collapses by Nikolay Yotov

Paragliding Landings(advanced) by Nikolay Yotov

– Avoiding Blow Back by Jeff Greenbaum

About Safety:

– Simulation of rescue paracute deployment by Nikolay Yotov and Ivelin Kalushkov

– Sopot XC and Hazards – Paragliding Map – site brief

About Flying Theory:

– Bidirectional Differential Balanced Control  by Nikolay Yotov

– Why paragliders fly forward? by Nikolay Yotov 

About thermals and thermalling:

– Computer model of thermal bubble by Peter Gasparovic;

– Collectors, Wicks and Triggers (part 1) by Will Gadd;

– Thermals and Clouds (part 2) by Will Gadd;

– Thermalling Technique (part 3) by Will Gadd;

– Cooling Some Thermal Superstitions by Peter Gray;

  – Dennis Pegan’s response

– More about the Role of Water Vapor by Peter Gray;

– Do Thermals Spin? by Peter Gray;

– How to Thermal Better by Jay Rebbeck;

– Headwind thermalling by Bomber;

– How to survive thermalling in crowds by Joe Greblo;

About cross-country and competition flying:

– Flying Height Bands by Bomber;

– Speed to Fly by Bomber;

– Getting Up to Speed by Jay Rebbeck;

– Searching the sky by Jay Rebbeck;

– Wing Loading by Adrian Thomas;

– Cross-country flying by Will Gadd;

– Ten Tips To Get You There by Bomber;

– Tips & Tricks for Your First Competition by Bomber;

Cross-country Paragliding book by Nikolay Yotov

Flying stories:

Kenya 2016

Kenya 2017