October 2017

Colors and paragliding - that's how we can sum up the beautiful October

With the conditions getting more mellow Ivelin decided to take a new read on flying the local area swaping to some more rigid wings.


In the mean time we got the last few groups of Beginners and Intermediate pilots conquering the skies and getting control over their wings.

The first BHPA EP & CP courses were complete and we had our first official BHPA certified students receiving their ratings.

With the last sheduled course for October we had a bit of a different course finnishing picture - all our proud alumni have been educated to the fine arts of flying :)

As the active season in Europe is towards his end it's time for the annual Skynomad Migrations. Ivelin is again joining Manilla Paragliding in Australia for some upside-down adventures in kangaroo land and you can check our calendar for the upcoming trips to Ethiopia and Kenya with Nikolay Yotov.