November 2019

November settled in but the winter was nowhere near!

As the warm weather continued we focused on using the conditions to the maximum.

Ivelin practiced some Skydiving drop-oofs with some good friends before setting to another adventure in Australia.

And while the warm weather was persisting and the warm fronts were moving in from the SW the Bulgarian mountains provided some amazing conditions for wave flying which Niki Yotov tried to explore in NW Bulgaria.

Снимка на Skynomad Bulgaria. 

At the end of the month the Bulgarian flying community voted and announced the annual  "Okrilen"  (bewinged) prize for most inspirational flying person in the year,

This year the winner was Niki Yotov himself.

The ceremony was held in "Gnezdoto" complex.

With that the cold days of the year finally arrived and the picture outside the windows started looking beautiful in it's own winter way! 

 Снимка на Skynomad Bulgaria.