March 2020

Niki's  African adventures continue as the season in the Southern hemisphere comes down.

March was yet another month of Ethiopian discoveries and introduction of the locals to Tanedm Paragliding :)

Several new take offs have been discovered:
Zuquala volcano in the middle of Rift Valley - smooth conditions, thermalling with dozens of vultures over classic conical volcano with a lake and monastery on top.
Dundee lake - a twin volcano lakes SE of Ambo. It's been flown before, but the upwind road is damaged by rain. Actually, African rains make roads tough to maintain and road condition has to be checked every season.
Aletu - the closest to Addis version of Grand Canyon.
Dansa mountain, near Mekele. Tigria is the most northern part of Ethiopia, bordering Eritrea. Despite being drier and rockier, the conditions were smooth for flying. It's a good escape when it gets humid and cloudy in Addis and northern highlands. After being arrested once, now we have permission to explore it all. It deserves a separate tour itself. May be combined with Ertale lava lake and Danakil depression with acid lakes with psychedelic colors, which are 200 km away. Anyone interested?

Niki Yotov



Next winter tours:
Kenya or* Ethiopia: 21 Dec 2020 - 2 Jan 2021 *(first booked, first served)
North Ethiopia: 1-12 Feb 2021
Tigria, Ethiopia: 1-12 March 2021

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