July 2018

July came with warm weather and some more thunderstorms.

However we managed to complete 2 XC Training and 2 XC Guiding weeks and to help our friends reach new horizons while feeling more comfortable with thermals.

The XC training consisted of thermal by thermal guidance by our instructors plus briefing and debriefing via tracklog analysys of everyone participating - one of the best ways of learning is trough your own mistakes.

For the XC Guiding - Niki Yotov took a group on a Bulgarian exploration trip which involved the Rila and Rhodopy mountains and the flalands of Nevsha and Shumen.


At the end of the month Ivelin Kalushkov took participation in the annual Shumen Open competition but unfortunately the weather did not allow for many taskable days.

Ivo managed to finish 2nd in Overall.