Calendar 2018 and new articles

Hello dear friends - you can find our 2018 calenar for courses and guiding published.

We are having a few small changes. BHPA courses will be held on the noted dates, but we are available for standard Beginners and Intermediate training during that time as well.

XC training will now be provided mainly on the selected dates but we could be flexble depnding on availability.

XC Guiding service is separated in XC Guiding Bulgaria and XC Guiding Sopot Region and will be avilable paralel to each other - you can alo switch between the different services on demand.

For all bookings please contact us before reserving any flights to confirm availbility as dates can change without notice.

Booking is done on first-come first-served basis.

For next season we're taking a bit of a new approach on our teaching methods and we'll be publishing the majority of the Beginners and Intermediate theory on our website for our future students to prepare in advance and focus mostly on the flying.

You can find all the related articles including the newest contet in our article section.