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February 2014

Nikolai Yotov returned from his third successful expedition in Ethiopia.
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This year Niki led the first Ethiopian XC guided tour. The multinational group composed of pilots from Australia, Ireland, Finland, England and Germany managed to visit some of the best flying spots and to complete some memorable flights above the beautiful Ethiopian landscape. Expect a video about the adventure soon.

Happy New Year 2014 - we whish to everyone - strong thermals, long flights, high cloudbase and happy landings!

December 2013

The final voting stage for this years "Okrilen" (be-winged) prize of the Bulgarian paragliding society has finished.
This years winner, without a surprise is the new Bulgarian record holder - Nikolay Velev for his outstanding flight of 313 km.
The Winner
Niki is a regular flying junkie and inspires many of the Bulgarian pilots with his passion and devotion to flying. It doesn't matter if it's "out and return" or "open distance - Niki will be the last and the furthest one to land one hour after everyone thinks the conditions are dead!
We whish Niki to beat his own records over and over again and to continue to amuse us!

The prize
This is the fifth edition of the "Okrilen" prize giving.
The price is voted and given to the person with biggest achievements and contribution to the development and popularization of the paragliding sport in Bulgaria.
The price giving is an initiative by Club "Skynomad" and the winner is decided after 3 stages of voting by the users of the Bulgarian paragliding forum - forum.skynomad.net.
Pictures by Shumen Open 2013 and skynomad archive.

Also for a second year Skynomad organized the photo contest "Polet" (flight) in search of the best pictures for the year.
The winner was Rumen Rainov with his "Cloud dream"
Cloud dream

September 2013

With the decrease in the winter sun activity, the strong conditions for flying also decreased, this forced Nikolai Yotov to go on a small expedition to find new flying places around the city of Petrich in SW Bulgaria
Ivelin Kalushkov decided to go with no sun light at all for a second time with a night flight form Beklemeto.
PWC 2013 PWC 2013

Photos - Keith Magee.

August 2013

August proved itself as the best month for flying.
After the successful XC open distance competition in Shumen where Nikolai Velev set the new Bulagrian XC record (313 km), started the annual Skynomad Open 2013.
The competition again offered to the competitors diverse and challenging tasks both in the Rose Valley and the outskirts of the Rhodopi mountains. The weather was favorable and 5 tasks were validated out of 5 flyable days.
In the overall rankings the winners were Roland Reischl for men and Dominika Kasieczko for women.
PWC 2013
Right after the end of Skynomad Open 2013 - Nikolai Yotov and Ivelin Kalushkov went on the road to the beautiful village of Stoenesti in the middle of the Romanian Carpathians, where a pre-Paragliding World Cup was held - Priseca Open 2013.
Niki once again was a meet director for the competition, and under his wise guidance 5 successful tasks were validated.
Ivelin Kalushkov finished first in the team standings along with team Kortel
PWC 2013  PWC 2013  PWC 2013
Photos - Ivelin Kalushkov; facebook; priseacaopen.com

July 2013

Sopot gathered 150 of the best pilots from all over the world for the 13-th World Paragliding Championship. For 2 weeks the competitors finished 5 successful tasks.
Orlin Dimov returned to the competition scene as a pat of the Bulgarian national Team along with Qsen Savov, Qvor Plashilski and Valeri Cvetanov.
A big part for the success of the competition played Nikolai Yotov with his excellent meteorological knowledge of the area. Niki was also the meet director of the competition.
The winners and new world champions at the end were: Jeremy Lager and Klaudia Bulgakov.

PWC 2013  PWC 2013 PWC 2013

June 2013

The May thunderstorms have passed and mother nature flourished in to her full beauty.
Because of maintenance the chairlift in Sopot was not working so we were flying mainly over the beautiful mountain pass of Beklemeto.
Our friends Maria Mileva and Vasil Kumchev found a new way to express their feelings for each other with a tandem flight. Vasil managed to make a beautiful and unforgettable proposal to Maria which you can see in the video below.
We whish the lovely couple a flying start in their life together!

May 2013

The active flying season is gaining speed! The first beginners course gave wings to the most anxious to fly alone. The tandem flight adventurers managed to touch the magic of paragliding for the first time.

Meanwhile - Nikolai Yotov and Ivelin Kalushkov were testing a new method for rescue deployment simulations which is already implemented even in the beginner course.

Simulation of paragliding rescue paracute deployment

The article about the rescue deployment training can be seen here .

April 2013

Once again April gave us a nice surprise with good flying conditions in the beginning of the season.
The 26.04 forecast was predicting record-breaking conditions so Nikolai Yotov, Ivelin Kalushkov, Qsen Savov and Valeri Cvetanov tried to take advantage of this fact and to attack the out and return distance record currently held by Orlin Dimov (180 km). The conditions were good even before noon, but along the way the group plan changed, so Qsen and Valeri decided to make a task in the vicinity of Sopot, Niki decided to go for the record and Ivelin decided to go for his personal record heading for the city of Sliven. Unfortunately Niki came just a few kilometers short from beating the record. Ivelin managed to beat his personal record landing in Sliven(138 km.)
Tracklogs from the flights can be seen here

February 2013

Nikolai Yotov came back from his second flying expedition to Ethiopia.

Ethiopian people: Tradional Christmass dance in Lalibela  Ethiopian history and religion: Lalibela rock hewn church  
The goal of the expedition once again was exploring the country and the opportunities that it gives for developing paragliding and free flying.
Niki once again managed to set and beat a few records for XC distances in Ethiopia, and also to find new places for flying in the colorful and ancient African land.

You can view more pictures here, You can read Nikis road writings (in Bulgarian) here


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