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    Once upon a time there was a mountain which gathered few friends in their quest for freedom. Then others wished it too. Thus at the end of 20th century came the idea of Skynomad paragliding school. There were strong lifts and convergence, but also storms and turbulence.The mountain is still here. And next to it grows a hill. A hill of wisdom and knowledge.
    Skynomad paragliding school trains pilots from all over the world because we all speak the same language. The language of flying and nature. Our english, german, russian, french or bulgarian is fluent enough for explaining aerodynamics but also for discussing Nitsche, Sidharta or Lao Dze.
    Skynomad paragliding school is trying to catch the infinite possibilities and emotions present in front of us when we open ourself to the ever new experience of lifting off the ground and flying with the birds.
    Our paragliding school was not planed neither organized as a full time work or a business. It is more a hobby and a dedication to the love we share. As such we try to keep it casual and opened to whoever wants to join us.
    As every paragliding school we do beginners, intermediate and advanced courses. We teach pilots how to explore the sky safe. How to cope with turbulence and invisible air monsters. How to fly with efficiency and harmony. How to learn from their own experience in flight because there is no teacher like life itself. But may be the most memorable thing is the attitude. The attitude toward flying and life as well.  

Tandem flying

The paragliding courses are available all year around but check
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After the Beginners' Course we recommend a week of Assisted Flying

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