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For Beginners:

- Paraglider structure, materials and maintenance by Nikolay Yotov and Ivelin Kalushkov .

About active flying:

- Active Flying by Jeff Greenbaum

- Avoiding Blow Back by Jeff Greenbaum

- Light Wind Soaring by Jeff Greenbaum

About Safety:

- Simulation of rescue paracute deployment by Nikolay Yotov and Ivelin Kalushkov

About Flying Theory:

- Why paragliders fly forward? by Nikolay Yotov

About thermals and thermalling:

- Computer model of thermal bubble by Peter Gasparovic;

- Collectors, Wicks and Triggers (part 1) by Will Gadd;

- Thermals and Clouds (part 2) by Will Gadd;

- Thermalling Technique (part 3) by Will Gadd;

- Cooling Some Thermal Superstitions by Peter Gray;

  - Dennis Pegan's response;

- "Thermal Trigger Nonesense" tread

- More about the Role of Water Vapor by Peter Gray;

- Do Thermals Spin? by Peter Gray;

- Natural Thermalling - What is it? by Bomber;

- How to Thermal Better by Jay Rebbeck;

- Tracking a drifting thermal by Wayne Hobbs

- Soaring in a Thermal: Bank, Speed, and Radius by Larry Bogan;

- Headwind thermalling by Bomber;

- How to survive thermalling in crowds by Joe Greblo;

About cross-country and competition flying:

- Glider Performance Airspeeds;

- Flying Height Bands by Bomber;

- Speed to Fly Basics by Jeff Greenbaum;

- Speed to Fly by Bomber;

- Getting Up to Speed by Jay Rebbeck;

- Searching the sky by Jay Rebbeck;

- Wing Loading by Adrian Thomas;

- Cross-country flying by Will Gadd;

- Ten Tips To Get You There by Bomber;

- Guidelines for intending competition pilots by Jenny Ganderton;

- Tips & Tricks for Your First Competition by Bomber;

- Common Beginner Mistakes in Competition by Josh Cohn;

Theory stuff:
- Upwind and Downwind Turns by Nikolay Tsarov and Nikolay Yotov

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Paragliding articles

The purpose of this page is to present useful and interesting information for all cross-country flying fans. Some of the paragliding articles are published with the kind permission of their authors, others are links to different URL's. Thanks to all friends who helped. We will appreciate your article too.

SkyNomad Team