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1. Competition goals

The main goal of the competition is to determine a champion, and fairly to rank all pilots individually according to the presented knowledge, skills and decision-making.
Additional aims are to develop paragliding and competitiveness and friendship between pilots of all nations, improving pilots' knowledge and skills and safe flying.

2. The Entry fee is 70 euro and can be paid on the registration day. The entry fee covers map, transport, mountain rescue, GPS evaluation. Again, confident in the time and the place and in our ability to make successful tasks in difficult conditions, we will not restrict pilots by obliging them to pay the entry fee in advance.

3. Participating pilots (no matter age or gender):
- Have the necessary experience for safe flying in strong mountain conditions;
- Hold valid FAI ParaPro4-5 licence;
- Are equipped with: paraglider, harness, reserve parachute, helmet and GPS ( for all other models except GARMIN bring your PC cable).

4. The tasks will be "Race to goal" (such as Sopot-Iasenovo-Sopot: 80 km) or "Free Distance" (such as Sopot-Sliven: 130 km).
The individual ranking of pilots will be made with using the program FS (GAP 2008)

Local regulations