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Friday (05 aug), Day 5, Task 4
Despite the bad weather forecast, there was a blue sky in the morning and juicy cumuluses growing over the mountains. It's better to be 2 hours earlier on the take off than 10 minutes later, so it was decided to go up and set a task: 56 km Sopot-Vasil Levski-Pevtzite-Sushitza-Sopot. The logic was to fly along the mountain range and avoid the possible thunderstorm generators of Bogdan and Botev. The flats were also expected to work bad because of the rain in the night.
The reality was low cloudbase and very weak climbs in the begining but later everything improved. There were even good cumuluses with strong climbs in the flats. Unfortunately a cloud mass started dying and produced rain at the furthers turnpoints and the task had to be stopped. The low cloudbase in the begining made it impossible for a safe start with many gliders so it was elapsed time task. This meaned that the stopped task was cancelled because it was not fair for those who took off later. Still good flying and satisfied pilots.
Overal results after T3

Thursday (04 aug), Day 4, Task 3
The sky was hazy but the forcast predicted no thunderstorms with good thermals and light winds.
82 km triangle was set: Sopot-Skobelevo-Domlyan-Sopot. The extra humidity made the conditions start early but the low cloudbase (2100 m) made the first part more difficult. Later the cloudbase lifted to 2400 but still there were pilots flying in clouds. Because there were no official reports about cloud flying, the Meet Director decided to penalize with 100 points the top 20 pilots who flew above 2500 meters. The task setters made a mistake by setting two overlapping cylinders of the last turnpoint and the goal but it was not big problem for the results. Apart from the cloud flying the task was safe with big smooth thermals.
Around 30 pilots in goal! Task 3 provisional results

Wednesday (03 aug), Day 3, No Task
The forecasted north wind day decided there to be no task. The pilots went to the mineral water pools of Banya and Hisar, sightseeing in Kazanlak and Plovdiv. Some went to Brestovitza and made nice flights.

Tuesday (02 aug), Day 2, Task 2
The day puzzles were wether it will be unstable again and wether the north wind will make problems for take off. A conservative 72 km task was set: Sopot-Vasil Levski-Sopot-Domlyan-Voiniagovo-Marino pole. Around the first turnpoint near Botev there was a congestus clouds but the blue holes in it suggested that it won't make problems - especially so early in the day. The first two legs of the task were set along the mountain to give some time for the flatlands to start working. It turned out to be a beautiful day with strong and smooth climbes and many convergence lines along the course. 37 happy pilots in goal!
Task 2 provisional results

Monday (01 aug), Day 1, Task 1
The forecast was about coming unstable area from SW and the task comette (Johannes Damisch, Gurpreet Dhindsa and Ivelin Kalushkov) gave the only logical task - open distance to East. The waiting for the opening of take off window was a nerve testing experience - especially after the thunders of the local Bogdan Cb. Fortunately the Cb didn't move but stayed and died, creating considerable westerly ground winds (it was calm or light southerlt at the take off). The ground west winds from the dying Bogdan Cb helped feeding the next generator - Botev and between it and Sredna Gora there was forming of two big congestus clouds. The fastest pilot escaped the cloud suck and east head winds in front of these clouds but the slowest had to work for descending and coping with the turbulence. At 14:45 the task was stopped! Elena Dmitrievska has to throw her rescue after messing a spiral exit. Task 1 official results

  The world championship in Piedrahita, Spain was closed due to two fatalities with pilots flying 2 liner prototypes. CIVL Bureau temporary forbid the participation of Competition class paragliders in Category 1 events and strongly advices the organizers of Category 2 events (as Skynomad Open) to consider wether the Competition Class paragliders will be allowed to fly.
  After advising with the president of Bulgarian NAC, the event organizer - Skynomad Club and the meet director - Nikolay Yotov have decided to allow the participation of competition class paragliders in Skynomad Open:
There were no problems with the 2 liners competing in Bulgaria Open which we organized in May 2011. There will be extra care of task setting and competition safety. We also believe that pilot is a pilot when he decides himself how much risk he can take. There are no cash or vanity prices to make pilots push their limits.


  1. Oleg Pansyanov Russia Swing/Astral 6 227
  2. Muzaffer Dundar Turkey Galatasaray Aircross/USport 145
  3. Tomasz Pietrzyk Poland CrackAirs Ozone/Mantra M4 9999
  4. Ivelin Kalushkov Bulgaria Skynomad Aerodyne/Massai 7
  5. Denis Velikov Russia SportAviaServis www.glide.ru Sol/Tork
  6. Ioannis Ioannou Greece AIOLOS TBA
  7. Stanislaw Radzikowski Poland www.capitalhead.com Airwave/Magic5 333
  8. Vijay Soni India Axis/Mercury09 777
  9. Rudi Cronje South Africa LSSC Sky/Brontes
  10. Denis Ivanov Russia Gradient/Aspen 115
  11. Martin Jovanovski Makedonia axispara.cz Axis Proto 771
  12. Viacheslav Sapronenko Russia Aeros/Style2 177
  13. Hüseyin Oral Turkey thk mashavk UP/Summit3
  14. Ramiz Aliev Ukraine Swing/Mistral5 45
  15. Mark Delongie Belgium Byond Sport Advance/Omega8 2222
  16. Athanasios Orfanidis Greece AIOLOS Gin/BoomerangGTO
  17. Sanjay Pendukar India Indus Niviuk/Peak
  18. Deepak Tulsani India Axis/Vega3
  19. Selman Duysak Turkey thk mashavk U-turn/Obsession2
  20. Savas Durmaz Turkey thk mashavk Skywalk/cayanne3
  21. Hasan Andas Turkey thk mashavk U-turn/Obsession2
  22. Andrei Ciorici Moldova Vario Plus Ozone/Swift 43
  23. Espen Havas Norway Gin/Rebel 239
  24. Vitaly Ermakov Russia Gradient/Avaxsr7 55
  25. Bayram Turgut Turkey thk mashavk Nova/Rookie
  26. Vladimir Samoshkin Russia Airwave/MagicFR4
  27. James Greenlees Bulgaria Gradient/Avax 228
  28. Yuksel Can Turkey Yamac Spor Kulübü Swing/Stratus8 111
  29. Ferda Güler Turkey Yamac Spor Kulübü Swing/Mistral6
  30. Vladimir Baltaga Moldova Swing/Astral5 50
  31. Sarig Istvan Romania Gradient Gradient/Avaxsr8 62
  32. Ioannis Pistikos Greece AiolosDrama Ozone/Mantra M4
  33. Kese-Nemes Aron Romania Turbulencia GradientAspenII
  34. Madalin Cuzmir Romania Air Adrenaline Sibiu Windtech/Tempest
  35. Radu Sorin-Daniel Romania Advance/Sigma7 22
  36. Mark Eckhard Norway Gin/BoomerangGTO 3
  37. Esa Alaraudanjoki Finland Southern Finland PG Club UP/Edge 32
  38. Anastassia Leonova Ukraine Axis/VegaII 18
  39. Igor Aronis Russia U-turn/Infinity
  40. László Galambos Hungary Ozone
  41. Daniel Selincean Romania Turbulencia Gradient/Golden2 22
  42. Bela Kovacs Hungary SIRESZ 690
  43. Peter Vyparina Slovakia Perfectfly Ozone 111
  44. Sebastian von Schorlemer Germany U-Turn/Infinity2
  45. Zoltan Penzes Hungary Ultramedia Kft. UP/Summit3
  46. Masato Nakai Japan LOKO Gin/Boomerang7 111
  47. Olga Bryakotnina Russia Ozone/Mantra 127
  48. Gyula Horak Hungary BSE UP/Trango3 2.3
  49. Charles Swart South Africa Cloudbusters Gradient/AvaxXC3 1308
  50. Pankaj Kushwaha UK MAI Advance/Epsillon6 6
  51. Karsten Ehlers Germany ParaHH Nova/Factor
  52. Ioannis Xiros Greece Ozone/MantraR10.2 007
  53. Popa Radu Romania Windtech/Tempest 14
  54. Andreas Nixdorf Germany Gradient/Bright
  55. Crissi Drunk South Africa Stefanutti / Gerbera Ozone/Delta 141
  56. Valerii Obada Moldova Univers - Imobil Advance/Sigma 8
  57. Radu Urdea Romania Air Adrenaline Gradient/Avax XC3
  58. Mikhail Ivanov Russia www.planer.land.ru Axis/Vega III 11
  59. Emil Podlaski Polland CREO Nova/Triton 617
  61. Rene Bormann Germany talkyoo.net Ozone/R10.2 666
  62. Adem Yildiz Turkey thk mashavk Revo 2
  63. Francois Spiegel France Plein Est Vol Libre Axis/Venus 3 7782
  64. Johan Wuyits Luxembourg Plein Est Vol Libre Swing/Astral 6 8
  65. Oleg Nekhoroshev Russia OOO Modelist Ozone/Mentor 141
  66. Zhanna Isaeva Russia Wikimart Ozone/Rush 2
  67. Oleg Tioma Moldova MacPara/Envy
  68. Ghennadi Ganebnii Moldova edieforce.com SkyCountry/Scorpion3 33
  69. Muzzafer Dundar Turkey Galatasaray Aircross/U Sport 45
  70. Alla Dubitcaia Bulgaria Advance/Epsilon 5 18
  71. Dorin Paslaru Romania Air Adrenaline Nova/Mentor 555
  72. Chris van Noord South Africa Mitek S.A. Ozone Mantra R11 558
  73. Faik Arda Çesmecioglu Turkey Gazi Havacilik Swing Astral 6 83
  74. Gurpreet Dhindsa India Nokia Axis/ Mercury 302
  75. Konstantin Filipov Bulgaria Niviuk/Ice Peack 5 13
  76. Tomasz Kuczkowski Poland OSHEE Ozone/Mantra R10 766
  77. Kazuo Nakamura Japan KUSATSU Swing/Stratus-core 22
  78. Arnold Pansi South Africa Karoo Open 2012 Gradient/Aspen 3 29
  79. Kozi Matsui Japan Advance/Omega8
  80. Alvin Rains USA Niviuk/Artik II
  81. Elena Dmitrievskaya Russia MacPara/Magus XC 22
  82. Fujiaki Fumushi Japan UP/Trango3
  83. Petr Kostrhun Chehia Gradient, Fincentrum Gradient/Avax XC3 83
  84. Jyoti Parkash India Pg-gurukul Ozone/Mantra M2 92
  85. Vladimir Jovic Chehia EOL Nova/Factor 8
  86. Meurrens Glenn Poland UP BELUX UP/Summit XC² 766
  87. Volodomir Fedoruk Ukraine Cumulus SkyCountry/Mystic2 255
  88. Helmut Zeferer Austria Flugsaurier Werfenweng Ozone/Mantra
  89. Desiree Pansi South Africa Karoo Open 2012 Gradient/Aspen 3
  90. Predrag Dudic Serbia para-golija.org.rs Ozone/Mantra R10.2 690
  91. Carlo Bonacic Croatia Axis Axis/Mercury 370
  92. Toshihiko Ujita Japan AreaYamazaki Advance/Omega8
  93. Oleksiy Savelyev Ukraine Gradient/Avax XC3 15
  94. Petr Chromec Chehia Gradient Gradient/Avax SR11 484
  95. Sorin Samareanu Romania Ozone/Mantra R11 5050
  96. Armen Sargsyan Armenia Paragliding Armenia Advance/Sigma6 7677
  97. Mihran Sahakyan Armenia Armenian Paragliding Federation Advance/Sigma6 32
  98. Tony Conway Ireland Nova/Factor
  99. Anastasiia Veranian Russia Swing/Mistral 6
  100. Alexandr Bolotin Russia Advance/Sigma 7
  101. Elena Shaboltas Ukraine Advance/Sigma 7 1817
  102. Oleg Iarosenco Moldova x-style.md Sol/Elus3
  103. Vladimir Bacanin Serbia SOL Paragliders SOL tracer-TR2 320
  104. Vasile Lipcanu Moldova Swing/Mistral 6 105
  105. Ozgur Bektas Turkey Biltem Group Ozone/Rush 3 666
  106. Stanislav Klikar Chehia axispara.cz Axis/Mercury 19
  107. Valeriy Popkov Russia HANKACH-club U-turn/Infiniti-3 12
  108. Yoshiaki Nakagawa Japan wife Aircross/U6
  109. Mykhailo Goncharov Ukraine Gin/Tribe 222
  110. Sergei Florea Moldova PG Federation of Moldova Swing/Astral 6 4
  111. Georgi Topuzov Bulgaria UP/Trango XC 17
  112. Alexey Radzievsky Ukraine Advance/Sigma 6
  113. Antonio Golfari Italy Gin/Boomerang 282
  114. Aleksander Lekhan Russia Windetch/Tempest
  115. Sergey Latyshev Russia Axis Para Axis/Mercury4 323
  116. Gergely Borocz Hungary Gradient/Aspen2 753
  117. Domenico Pizzi Italy Lealppa-Patras Ozone/R10 1
  118. Devrim Bostanci Turkey Ucus Kulubu Ozone/Delta 171
  119. Piotr Mieszczak Poland Biuro Rachunkowe \'DEKRET\' Axis/Mercury
  120. Filip Jagla Poland Play Gravity Gin/Boomerang
  121. Levarda Razvan Romania Para Team Bucharest UP/Trango3
  122. Einar Bjorkaas Norway Ozone/M4
  123. Isabella Messenger Germany Axis/Venus3
  124. Goran Prelac Croatia PJK Adrenalin/KSL Krila kvarnera Axis/Mercury 1701
  125. Gusztav Dallos Hungary www-as-motor.hu Gradient/Avax XC2 2110
  126. Tomas Zahora Chehia Sky/Atis
  127. Szilard Forgo Hungary Gradient Gradient/SR18 34