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    For newcomers it comes as a pleasant surprise to find such a variety of landscapes in a country as small as Bulgaria:
The high mountains make you feel like you're in the Alps. Flying in North Bulgaria is not much different to the Australian flatlands. Coastal soaring over golden, sandy beaches is as charming as in seaside resorts in Spain.

    Here you can enjoy all this within just a few hours driving!

Spring paragliding in Central Balkan mountains   Summer Paragliding in Bulgarian mountains   Winter Paragliding in Bulgarian mountains

Mountain flying sites

    Sopot, Zlatitza, Kom, Vratza, Buzludzha, Sliven, Vitosha, Rila, Koniavo and Pirin are high launches (Mussala - 2925 m), with breathtaking views, strong thermals (6+ m/s), high cloudbases (3500+ m), and easy XC task practicing: Open distance (200+ km), Out and Return (120+ km), FAI Triangles etc.


Spring paragliding in North Bulgarian flatlands   Autumn paragliding in South West Bulgarian flatlands   Summer paragliding in Bulgarian flatlands

Flatland flying sites

    The hills near Madara, Shumen, Montana, Pernik and Topolitza have smooth and distinct thermals (4+ m/s) with high cloudbases (2500+ m). There are good conditions for ridge soaring and fast cross-country flying (200+ km).

Bulgarian North Black Sea coast paragliding and soaring   Black Sea coast paragliding in Bulgaria   Varna Black Sea coast paragliding in Bulgaria

Black Sea coast flying sites

    In Albena, Topola, Varna, Burgas you can have long hours of relaxing soaring around the best Black Sea resorts. Give a little shade to the frying bronzed bodies on the beach!

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